Semestral courses

Basic information 

  • The beginner course The Czech Language for Foreigners (1) - code BYC1 - is designed for incoming  international students at BUT who want to learn basic Czech during their stay in Brno.
  • The pre-intermediate course The Czech Language for Foreigners (2) - code BYC2- is designed for students who studied the beginner course, or for Slavic speakers with basic understanding of Czech. The minimum number of students is 8.
  • The 100-minute lessons are taught once a week. Students have access to an on-line course for extra practice.
  • The course is worth 6 credits.


  • Please note that students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) study semestral Czech course at their own faculty.
  • The course is free for any Erasmus+ students from BUT if they have enrolled the course BYC1/BYC2 in their Learning Agreement or Changes to L.A.
  • Please note also that Erasmus+ internship students as well as students from other programmes such as Freemover, CEEPUS or AKTION cannot attend the course for free. The course fee for them is 1870 CZK.


For more information contact the teacher:

Veronika Rodriguezová, office Z266, rodriguezova.v(at ), tel.: +420 541 147 690



Students from all BUT faculties (except for FME) who enrol BYC1 in their Learning Agreement prior to the semester are registered to the course automatically. Students from FCE may also register for the course on the FCE intranet.

Students can add BYC1 into their LA / Changes to LA until the third week of each semester.

The capacity of the course is limited and priority is given to those who enrol Czech earlier.


Timetable for autumn semester 2017

The course for beginners BYC1 will take place on Mondays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:40 p.m., starting on 25th September 2017, i.e. in the second week of the semester.

Beginners:                        Group 1 in room Z263    surnames Ac - Ka

                                        Group 2 in room Z270    surnames Lv - Z

Welcome Week students: Group 3 in room Z250    surnames Ak - He

                                        Group 4 in room Z248    surnames Ka - Z

Complete list of groups will be displayed on classroom doors and the main noticeboard before the first lesson.


Credit requirements

In order to get credits for the course, students have to participate in the lessons actively, have no more than 3 absences, pass both a mid-term and a final written test.


Payment details


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