BYA12: Academic Skills


Academic Skills
Spoken English in an Academic Context

This course is aimed at students and academic workers who are interested in improving their spoken communication in an academic context by reviewing, learning and practicing the phrases needed while talking to other participants at conferences or on visits, discussing research and its results, having meetings, solving problems, etc.

The focus is on speaking throughout the course – the words and phrases taught will be presented and immediately practiced without doing written exercises (which can be done at home, online via Moodle), so students are expected to already be able to speak relatively fluently and accurately – the BY51 (B1/Intermediate level) exam offered by our department is an absolute minimum requirement. It would be better for the student if they have reached the B2 (FCE) level or higher, or regularly use English in their work, or have at least completed the BYA7 and BYA8 courses at our department.

The course covers:


  • talking about your studies/academic career, department and research in general
  • discussing a research project from start to finish, including describing and interpreting results, diagrams and graphs
  • stating your opinions and supporting them while responding to others in discussions and arguments
  • brainstorming and criticising ideas, and working with others to solve problems




Homework for this course has two components - a recomended (doporučený) part and a compulsory (povinný) part.


Recommended: Written practice of the course material via an online Moodle course. This is important but not compulsory – the student will do as much as their time schedule and motivation allows. The more the student practices, the easier it will be for them to remember and use the studied language actively.

Compulsory: While most materials will be provided in class by your teacher, in order to make the course as personally relevant to you as possible you will sometimes need to spend some time at home preparing for or thinking about the next lesson. You will be provided with questions or topics you need to be able to discuss and it will be up to you how long you spend getting ready to talk next time – it will be easier for some people than for others.

You will not have to give presentations or do any writing – they are covered in other courses - but you will sometimes need to ‘have something to speak about’! The course aims to provide the language you need to do that well.  


Information meeting


At this meeting we will agree on a time for lessons at which the majority of students can attend.

If you have any questions or are unable to attend the meeting, please e-mail me at


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