Czech for Foreigners in the WElcome Week

If you are an international exchange student wanting to study at BUT, you can apply for a free intensive Czech course which takes place during the Welcome Week, one week before each semester starts.

The aim of this "Introduction to Czech" course is to teach you the basics of the Czech language: pronunciation, introducing oneself, asking for direction, ordering food, basic numbers, days of the week etc. There are also short presentations about Czech culture and history.

Students will be divided into several groups of approximately 15 students. We teach 3 lessons per day in the early afternoon, i.e. 15 lessons per week.

The course and all the materials will be provided for free.

You can get 2 ECTS credits and a certificate of completion if you meet the minimum attendance level of 80% and participate in the lessons actively.


Welcome week  before each semester (September and january)

Information about study groups and classrooms will be added prior to the course before each semester.

Registered students will be sent an e-mail 5 days before the start of the course.

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Please visit

Czech for foreigners


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