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Chinese for Beginners

  1. Basic info about Chinese language, pinyin and characters
  2. How to greet in Chinese
  3. How to start a conversation
  4. How to ask for a business card and phone number
  5. How to order drinks and food
  6. How write Chinese characters; numbers
  7. How to pay in a restaurant
  8. How to ask for directions in Chinese; Sightseeing in 北京 a 西安
  9. How to buy a train or bus ticket; big cities in China
  10. How to exchange money; How to buy souvenirs
  11. How to book a hotel room and a restaurant table
  12. How to make an appointment
  13. Revision and HSK 1 sample test practice


Chinese for Intermediate Students

Courses are meant for students who are acquainted with pinyin (i.e. Chinese pronunciation transcript) and will be planned according to the students' needs and wishes. These textbooks will be used:

  • New Practical Chinese Reader
  • Great Wall Chinese
  • Comprehensive Mandarin Chinese



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