The BY01 exam – Pre-Intermediate Level English


The exam tests not only knowledge from the curriculum of the BYA1 – BYA4 courses but also and mainly the ability to manage oral communication as well as writing in everyday situations at the specified level of English. The level required to pass the BY01 exam corresponds to the Cambridge KET exam (level A2 according to the CEFR). Two credits are given for this exam.

The exam consists of a written test (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening) and an oral exam. Students must obtain a minimum of at least 50% in each part of the test in order to pass.

The test lasts for 2 hours, including the oral part.

A sample test (grammar and vocabulary sections) is available here.  A sample KET test (including listening) is available here.

Students must sign up for the BY01 exam for a given academic year at the study department so that they may register for individual BY01 exams online via the faculty intranet. Students that have signed up for the BY01 in the winter semester may also sit the exam in the summer semester without having to sign up again.


The grammar section of the exam will test the following areas:

  • present simple and continuous
  • past simple and continuous
  • present perfect simple
  • expression of the future using will, going to and the present continuous tense
  • definite and indefinite articles
  • personal pronouns
  • prepositions of place and time
  • there is/there are
  • adverbs of quantity and their position in sentences
  • word order in affirmative sentences, negatives and questions
  • irregular verbs
  • first and second conditionals
  • comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs
  • countable and uncountable nouns: much, many, few, little, a lot, enough
  • the passive
  • gerund /(-ing) and infinitive
  • used to
  • somebody, anybody, nobody, etc.
  • modal verbs (can, could, would, should, must, have to, may, might)


The vocabulary section covers the following topics:  

family, countries and nationalities, common objects, jobs, common verbs and adjectives, daily regime, housing, urban areas, parts of the body, holidays, food, clothes, animals


The speaking part is conducted as follows:

Duration 10-15 minutes. Students are tested in pairs. The conversation covers topics which are practiced in the subjects BYA1 – BYA4.

A list of sample conversation topics can be downloaded here.


An overview of courses and relevant exams




Course at the FCE

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Common European Framework Level

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Pre-Intermediate BYA3   A2 -  
BYA4 BY01 A2+ / B1 - KET
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BYA8   B1+  
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