Specialised English

Seminars are focused on the specialised language used in a given field and therefore students which are studying in that field are given preference during enrolment.

The seminars are intended for students who already fairly proficient in general English – doctoral students and students in lower years who have already passed the BY51 exam for intermediate level students of English and would like to widen their vocabulary in the area of their field of study.

Students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering register on the intranet.

Students from outside the Faculty of Civil Engineering register with the subject teacher directly via email.


code specialisation teacher  
BYA9 S Building Constructions incl. Construction Technology

Mgr. Rodriguez


BYA9 A Architecture

Mgr. Tluková, Ph.D.


BYA9 K Structures and Traffic Constructions

Mgr. Nevrlý


BYA9 V Water Management and Water Structures

Mgr. Rodriguezová


BYA9 E Economics and Management in Civil Engineering

Mgr. Vévodová


BYA9 G Geodesy and Cartography

Mgr. Batystová


BYA9 M Building Material Engineering

Mgr. Jaďuďová


BYA11 Academic Writing

Mgr. Tluková, Ph.D.


BYA12 Academic Skills

Mgr. Tluková, Ph.D.





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