Meeting - Advanced Level English / English for Erasmus+ ZS 2017

05.09.2017 11:17

Meeting: Advanced Level English/English for Erasmus+ ZS 2017

Time: Thursday 21st September at 14:00, room Z250

All students who are interested in attending the BYA20 and BYA21 lower advanced (B2) level General English courses or the BYA22 English for Erasmus+ course should come to a meeting on Thursday 21st September in room Z250 at 14:00. At the meeting we will decide which courses will run, and when. At least 10 students must be able to attend at one time for a course to run.

If you would like to attend one of the courses but can’t come to the meeting, please email Mr Turland at, letting him know if you would like BYA20, BYA21, BYA22 or don’t mind which you do, and the times when you are free. The information you provide will be taken into account at the meeting.

The offered courses

BYA20 and BYA21 are general English courses at B2 level. They are NOT First Certificate exam preparation courses despite what it says on the intranet. The lessons have a similar structure to BYA3-BYA8. There will be a lot of speaking but also some time spent on grammar, vocabulary and listening. Our BY003 exam (previously BY52), which is often needed for the Erasmus + programme, is based on material covered in this course (and BYA7/ BYA8), although the courses are also suitable for people just wishing to practice their English. It is not necessary to be exactly B2 level and you don’t need to have taken BYA7/8 in order to attend these courses – all students who are upper intermediate level or higher and like speaking English are very welcome!

BYA22 is for students from Brno University of Technology who are planning to study outside the Czech Republic with the Erasmus+ programme. The aim is to cover a wide range of English vocabulary and phrases that are useful when studying in a foreign country via speaking, written and listening exercises. The course is suitable for students of intermediate level and higher who want to practice speaking on topics like:

Studying in general - libraries, courses; meeting people - getting to know new colleagues, socializing, talking about leisure time; student accommodation and related issues, household problems; getting around – travel and transport, asking and giving directions; restaurant situations; shopping for clothes and other items; dealing with the police; banks and insurance; health problems and visiting the doctor; complaining and solving problems

Additional information

People from outside FAST are also welcome to attend, though in many cases they will need to pay. For information please check this address:

If you are an FA student you can attend these courses for free providing you have a “free semester” available and you haven’t done the BY002 (BY51) or BY003 (BY52) exams yet.

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