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  • In accordance with modern trends of humanisation in technical studies, the bachelor´s level courses at the FCE contain a compulsory number of social science subjects for all specialisations with regard to the future professional orientation of students.
  • Students in all specialisations complete the subject BZ01 Building Law in the 3rd year of their degree course, and in their 4th year they complete the subject BZ03 Social Communication. Successful completion of these subjects will widen the general knowledge of FCE students, and it will also equip them with needed communicative, rhetorical as well as managerial skills that can be utilized in technical practice, company management, state administration, etc.
  • The basic range of subjects offered is enriched with compulsory elective subjects, particularly in specialisation G where the students can choose to take subjects such as GZ51 Psychology, GZ52 Sociology and GZ53 Communication and Rhetorics alongside the compulsory subject GZ02 Basic Law
  • A basic knowledge of secondary school level terminology, mainly from the subjects Civics and Social Sciences, is necessary to successfully pass all social science subjects.

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